Missouri Pacific Diesel Power


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Missouri Pacific Diesel Power is a chronicle of the history of the diesel on the Missouri Pacific, its predecessors, and subsidiaries. From the tiniest switcher purchased at the dawn of dieseldom, to the latter-day behemoths employed to move massive tonnage, the Missouri Pacific had a fascinating fleet of diesel power. Sleek EMD E-units, utilitarian Geeps, and Alco PAs whisked passengers and power from a variety of builders lugged freight across the MoPac system. Fs and geeps spelled the end of steam, and EMD standardization in turn replaced the early diesel fleet. The T&P and C&EI added interest to the roster as well, adding a number of models to the MoPac fold. The Alton and Southern added a splash of yellow.

In the latter days of the MoPac fleet, large number of SD40-2s and GP38-2s powered nearly everything on MoPac rails. B-Boats and GP50s completed the fleet in blue. After being merged into the UP, the MoPac had two final locomotive purchases, SD50s and C36-7s that arrived from the builders in UP's yellow and gray. In time the MoPac name died, and lives now only as a part of history.

The MoPac roster was a complex one, with numerous renumberings and strange locomotive transactions throughout this Midwestern road's lifetime. This book presents every diesel locomotive owned by the Missouri Pacific, T&P, C&EI, and other subsidiaries. Only a few tattered remnants still carry MoPac blue, a scheme new destined to be seen only in the halls of memory, and in the photographs now in existence. The MoPac flag has fallen.


Chapter 1: The Early Day - The Pre-War Switchers

Chapter 2: Pre-War Passenger Power

Chapter 3: The War Units

Chapter 4: Switchers After the War

Chapter 5: The Glamour Girls - Postwar Passenger Power

Chapter 6: Replacing Steam - Covered Wagons

Chapter 7: Beast of Toil - First Generation Switchers

Chapter 8: Steam's End - Diesel's Success: The Roadswitcher

Chapter 9: Into the Second Generation - Screaming Eagles

Chapter 10: In Comes the C&EI - The Switcher Fleet

Chapter 11: C&EI's Carbodies and BLs

Chapter 12: C&EI's First Generation Roadswitchers

Chapter 13: C&EI's Second Generation

Chapter 14: C&EI's Fleet - Divided Among New Owners

Chapter 15: Competition - EMD vs. GE & the U-Boats

Chapter 16: The 15s - Second Generation Switchers

Chapter 17: The Alton & Southern

Chapter 18: A Decade of B-B Road Power

Chapter 19: C-C Road Power - The SD40-2

Chapter 20: The Last of the Blues - B-Boats & GP50s

Chapter 21: In Yellow & Gray - The Merger

Chapter 22: Transition Into Oblivion

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