Model Railroad News December 2012

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Special Interest:

Train Sets: A Holiday Gift Guide

N-Scale Review:

Fox Valley Models: Milwaukee Road Caboose

Micro-Trains: Civil War Era Storehouse Kit

HO-Scale Review:

Manufactured & Modified — MTH_ PS-1 Boxcar / Great Lakes: Panel Door

Fresh from the Paint Shop — Athearn: SD&)M-2 Diesel Locomotive

Fresh from the Paint Shop — Athearn: NKP GP9 "Torpedo Tube"

Sunset Models: P-1a / P-2 Class Motors

Athearn: UPS Yard Tractor and 28-foot Parcel Trailer

Bar Mills: Honest Joe's Pawn & Loan Shop

Piko: Dino Lube Oil Supply / Edeka Shop Kit

Multi-Scale Review:

Digitrax: Zephyr Xtra Starter DCC System

Model Rectifier: HO & N Scale DCC System

Book/DVD Reviews:

Depot Square: The Rutland Railroad book

Paired Rail Railroad Productions: The Diesel's First 50 Years book

Signature Press: UP in the Los Angeles Basin book

Four Ways West: Cincinnati Railroad Heritage book

NMRA: Railway and Maintenance book

CVision: BNSF Staples Sub East DVD

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Dealer Directory

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Events & Activities

MRN: A Year in Review

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