Model Railroad News May 2013

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Special Interest:

Project Railroad: Part 2 — Getting Equipped

Prototype Profile: General Electric's U25C

Z-Scale Review:

Fresh from the Paint Shop — Micro-Trains: 50-foot Standard Boxcar

N-Scale Review:

Wheels of Time: PC-90 Intermodal Piggy Backer Loader

HO-Scale Review:

Sunset Models: NP Z-8 Challenger 4-6-6-4 Steam

Walthers: 89-foot Thrall Bi-Level Auto Carrier

ExactRail: Magor 4750 Covered Hopper

MTH: F3A Diesel Locomotive

Fresh from the Paint Shop — InterMountain: GE ES44AC Chessie System Locomotive

Athearn: GP38-2 Diesel Locomotive

Athearn: GP38-2W Diesel Locomotive

Bollinger Edgerly: Clough Service Station

O-Scale Review:

Williams by Bachmann: GP30 Diesel Locomotive

G-Scale Review:

Piko: DB III TEE VT 11.5 3-Unit Train

Multi-Scale Review:

Atlas: Handcrafted Scale Lighting System

All-Scale Review:

N Scale Architect: Taskboard Assortment Park

Book Review:

KG Productions: Rails Around Missouri book

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