Model Railroad News November 2013

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Holiday Section

N-Scale Reviews:

Micro-Trains: 65-foot Log Car

HO-Scale Reviews:

Atlas: ACF Cylindrical Hoppers

Walthers: 50-foot Insulated Boxcar

Broadway Limited: Chessie and Pennsy 2-10-4s

Piko: NordWestBahn Class 440 3-car Electric Set

Fresh from the Paint Shop — Athearn: 50-foot Combination Door Boxcar

Fresh from the Paint Shop — Blackstone: HOn3 2-8-0 D&RG Steam Locomotive

Rapido: True North Locomotives FP9A Diesel

Classic Metal Works: Mini-Metal Dump Truck

O-Scale Review:

Woodland Scenics: J.W. Cobbler Shoe Repair Shop kit

Book/DVD-Blu-ray Reviews:

Morning Sun: Erie Lackawanna Power in Color book

Morning Sun: Missouri-Kansas-Texas Lines in Color Volume 2 book

Charles Smiley: Chessie & Seaboard Hall of Fame DVD

Pentrex: Couthern Pacific Daylight Collection DVD

Withers Publishing: Big Hooks books

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