Model Railroad News July 2014

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N-Scale Reviews:

Broadway Limited: Paragon 2 Alco Passenger Diesels

Fresh from the Paint Shop — Atlas: Master Line Alco Century 420

Kato: Amtrak Auto Train/CP Autorack sets

HO-Scale Reviews:

Rapido: General American Meat Refrigerator Car

Walthers TrainLine: D&RGW GP9M

WalthersProto: EMD GP30 Locomotive

Bachmann: GG1 Electric Pennsy Locomotives

Book/DVD Reviews:

Four Ways West: Soo Line Remembered: A Scrapbook of Lifetime Memories book

Morning Sun: Steel Mill Railroads in Color, Volume 6 book

Pentrex: Sierra Pacific Lines Revisited DVD

Morning Sun: Piggyback Color Guide Volume 2: I to X book

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