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Model Railroad News December 2014

$ 5.99

N-Scale Reviews:

Kato: Superliner II Transition Sleeper Car

HO-Scale Reviews:

Bachmann: GS-6 4-8-4 Steam Locomotive

Models11: Busch HOf-scale Feldbahn Start Set

Bachmann: Thunder Chief & Jingle Bell Express Train Sets

Fresh from the Paint Shop — Walthers: MKT 65-foot Thrall Mill Gondola

Hornby America: General Electric U25C Diesel Locomotive

American Model Builders: Grand Ave Yard Office Kit

Bar Mills: Papa Louie's Cigar Shop Kit

Walthers: Glacier Industrial Sands Kit

Book/DVD Reviews:

Withers: Burlington Northern Railroad Historical Review 1970–1995 book

Withers: Burlington Northern Railroad Historical Review 1970–1995 book

C. Vision Productions: The Best of SOO, Volume 1 & Volume 2 DVDs

Santa Fe Railway Historical & Modeling Society: Santa Fe Box Cars - The Shock Control Era and Painting & Lettering Guide Books

White River Productions: 72-82 Western Pacific's Final Decade book

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