Passenger Train Journal First Quarter 2012

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Amtrak's Drew Galloway • by Joseph M. Calisi — PTJ interviews the Assistant Vice President of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor Infrastructure and Investment Group.

The Maine Eastern Railroad • by Karl Zimmermann — The Maine Eastern is more than a tourist railroad. It can be a means of getting to your destination.

The Cardinal: Room With a View • by Elbert Simon — A dome car returns to one of Amtrak's most interesting long-distance trains, evoking the convoluted history of this descendant of Chesapeake & Ohio's esteemed George Washington.

The Cascades Corridor • by C.B. Hall — A report on a U.S. rail passenger corridor that is working its way to HSR status through incremental growth.
Trip Report: An Amtrak Veteran Meets VIA • by Malcolm Kenton — Comparing U.S. Amtrak corridor service with that of VIA.


On the Point • by Mike Schafer

The Journal • by George Fletcher

Window on the World • by Kevin McKinney

North American Intercity • by Karl Zimmerman
Rush Hour • by Brian Schmidt with Joseph M. Calisi

LeisureRail • by Ted & Sylvia Blishak

Going Faster • by Ernest H. Robl

Capitol Unlimited • by Robert J. Sterwart, NARP Chairman

Mail, Express and L.C.L.