Railroad Model Craftsman February 2015

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Making It Sag • by Bruce Dombey — Creating sagging rolling stock is quite easy if you scratchbuild it.

AT&SF SD45–2s • by Eric Goodman — Eric Goodman shows us how to build and super-detail a Santa Fe SD45–2 and an SD45–2b from RailPower shells.

P-S Coal Hoppers • by James Kinkaid — A review of Pullman-Standard’s 4,000 cuft coal hoppers and drawings.

PFE Rebuilding • by Steven Bechtold — Upgrading commercial mechanical reefers in one evening. Car drawings are included.

An Aux. Tender • by Tom Troughton — Modifying a brass tender to serve as an auxiliary tender for a ditcher.

Tissue Paper Signs • by Lynn Draper — Make colorful building signage by printing on tissue paper.


Editor's Notebookby Stephen Priest


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