Railroad Model Craftsman May 2017

$ 6.99


Weathering a LAJ CF7 • by Lance Mindheim — Setting a strategy and prioritizing your techniques.

Chicago Great Western • by Mike Porter — A visit to a prototype railroader’s dream layout built with the help of friends.

Old School Scenery • by Joseph Kreiss — Make good-looking groundcover from sawdust.

GSI Pulpwood Flatcar • by James Kinkaid — Historical study and drawings of these interesting cars.


Editor's Notebookby Stephen Priest

Look Both Waysby Mike Schafer & Bill Navigato


Rail Books • Book news and reviews

Receiving Yard

RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award • by Mont Switzer

RMC Perspectiveby Mark Juett

RMC Timetable • Scheduled events and notices

Scratchbuilder's Workshop • by Bob Walker

Test Track • by Tony Cook — Product reviews

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