Railroads Illustrated October 2010

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The "Pacific," as in Chicago, Rock Island & • by Louis Marre — A photo essay of some of the longer-running Rock Island 4-6-2 Pacific locomotives.

Mud Rockets & Cattle Trains — The Rock Island Commuters • by Preston Cook — Even in its waning days, the Rock Island maintained some steady, if poorly maintained, passenger service.

My Rock • by Mike Raia — The "mighty fine road" spent the 1970s spiraling downward toward its March 1980 demise. But the tenacious railroad struggled for survival to the bitter end, giving the it more character, and variety, than many of its contemporaries.

The Last of the Fs • by Kevin Piper — Glimpse the last years of Rock Island's faithful F7As 675–677.

An Afternoon at Vermont Sreet • by Kevin Piper — A day in the end of life for the Rock's old E units at Blue Island's Vermont Street station.

Uncle Dave • by Kevin Piper — Having engineer for an uncle is neat, especially when it lands a cab ride.

Wow! You Shot the Rock Island • by Steve Smedley — For the youngest generation of Rock shooters, the last days were often the most interesting.

Recollections of the Rock Island Lines • by John Dziobko, Jr. — A brief discourse on the last couple of decades of the Rock Island.

Train 101: Freshman Orientation with the Rock • by John Mummert — What better reason can be found to attend a certain college than because of its proximity to a great railroad?

First Class Photo Section — Dedicated to the Rock Island.


Opening Shot • by Mike Schafer

CTC Board — Current news items.