Railroads Illustrated November 2010

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Heartland Corridor Opens for Business • by Scott Lindsey — An innovative public/private partnership produced a shorter, faster route for double-stacked traffic between the Port of Virginia and the Midwest.

It's All About Velocity • by Ron Flanary— How DP has squeezed more capacity from the old Clinchfield.

Locomotive Power Exchange • by Steve Jessup— A half century of horsepower handoff.

Centuries on the Rock • by Preston Cook— In the 1970s Rock Island employed a small fleet of the unlovely Alcos.

Burlington Junction Railway's Alco C-415s • by Steve Smedley — Alco's ugly duckling has a home in this Eastern Iowa river town.

The New Kid on the Block: GE's ES44C4 • by Steve Faulkner — The newest stallion in GE's corral offers the advantages of AC traction at a cost nearer that of standard DC traction.

Tractive Effort: The Force That Pulls the Train • by Steve Faulkner — The physics that make trains move can be complex, but properly broken down, the subject makes for an interesting examination of the fundamental forces of railroading.

A Day with Union Pacific 844 • by A.J. Wolff — An account of one man's memorable day with this memorable locomotive.


Opening Shot • by Chase Gunnoe

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