Railroads Illustrated December 2010

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Living in the East • by Mitch Goldman — This three-day period in October 2010 offered a nostalgic trip to the past.

There's More Soo For You On US 52 • by Chuck Bohi— A railroad that helped save an industry; a railroad that has morphed into a significant mainline; a railroad that runs through some very scenic country; this is CP's main from the Twin Cities to Portal, North Dakota.

The Non-Existent Mega Railroad: SPSF • by Steve Jessup and James R. Doughty— When the ICC withheld its approval, this (not-quite-so) little merger that could — as it turns out — couldn't.

A Farewell to Kodachrome 200 • by Howard Ande— In the right conditions, this controversial film could make an image like none other.

End of an Era • by Justin Franz — One man's final year with Kodachrome.

Ultimate Railfan Destination: Butte, Montana 1964 • by Gordon Glattenberg — In an epic railfanning trip that stretched across 11 states, Butte, Montana was the crowning stop, featuring four railroads, two of them electrified.


Opening Shot • by Steve Glischinski

CTC Board — Current news items.

Parting Shot • by Gordon Glattenberg