Railroads Illustrated April 2011

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Portfolio — The photography of Bruce Schwierske.

After the Alcos: Kankakee, Beaverville & Southern • by John Leopard— Though no longer an Alco haven, this little line in east central Illinois and west central Indiana still offers an interesting and colorful scene of Midwestern railroading.

BN & BNSF in the Nebraska Sand Hills • by Carl Graves— The largest sand dune formation in the Western Hemisphere is home to an exceptionally spacious view unobstructed by trees, power lines or buildings, and backed by uncluttered dunes and expansive skies. Through these open plains run BNSF, and before that BN, trains.

Last Train to Duke • by Nicholas D'Amato— Just as workers photographed the initial construction of Duke University's West Campus, supplied primarily by a rail yard situated in what is now the main quad, the removal of the trackage through the campus was also captured on film.


Opening Shot • by Bruce Schwierske

CTC Board — Current news items.

Parting Shot • by Nicholas D'Amato