Railroads Illustrated October 2011

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A Zephyr and a Berk • by Steve Smedley— A classic diesel and steam locomotive make for lasting memories at this year's Trainfest.

Dash 8s on the Missabe • by Mark R. Lynn and Jeff Terry— 20-year-old GEs are home on the range.

Breaks of the Big Sandy • by Eric Miller— In the "Grand Canyon of the South", the railroad is an element inseparable from the natural wonder of the largest canyon east of the Mississippi.

CSX North Baltimore, Ohio, Intermodal Terminal • by David Patch— CSX is break the traditional model of point-to-point intermodal service with its new terminal facilities that allow boxes to be transferred from railcar to railcar en route.

Portfolio— The photography of Steve Carter.


Opening Shot • by Charlie Wood

CTC Board — Current news items.