Railroads Illustrated April 2012

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Rails Through the Columbia River Gorge • by Robert W. Scott — Beautiful and treacherous, the "Gorge" has been and continues to be worthy of its fame.

When BN Owned the Hill • by Steve Jessup— When BN emerged in 1970, it had to choose between two available routes to the Pacific Northwest, the former GN route over Stephens Pass, or NP's former route over Stampede Pass; "The Hill" won out.

New York & Atlantic Railway • by William Skeats— After years of decline in freight service needs, in 1997 Long Island Railroad, a dedicated commuter line, turned to Anacostia & Pacific Company, Inc to take over. Thus was born the New York & Atlantic Railway division.

Hudson River Railroading • by Robert LaMay— In the Hudson River area, there's nothing better than taking pictures of trains; except taking pictures of trains from a mountaintop.


Opening Shot • by Robert Scott

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