Railroads Illustrated August 2012

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Thoroughbreds Under Wire • by Michael Murray — Thanks to cooperation between Amtrak and Norfolk Southern, the Northeast Corridor hosts a very interesting variety of coordinated freight and passenger traffic on the electrified mainline.

Katy's Last Stand in Texas • by Jeffrey Harwell — For anyone rooting for the underdog in the era of merger mania, the Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad occupied a special place in the heart.

Boom and Bust on the Branch • by David Harris — Less than a decade after UP's quiet little Kansas branch between Salina Yard and McPherson got a shot in the arm through the UP/MP merger, the MKT acquisition left the line empty.

Miss Katy's Home Turf: Denison, Texas • by Joshua Chlapek — The birthplace of Eisenhower and U.S. Airways Flight 1549 "Miracle on the Hudson" hero "Sully" Sullenberger would have never existed without the Katy.


Opening Shot • by Michael Murray

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Parting Shot • by Louis A. Marre