Railroads Illustrated June 2013

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Conrail's Last Stand in Indiana • by Chris Faulk — Now 14 years gone, for at least one railfan, Northern Indiana isn't the same without the charm of Conrail blue streaking through the cornfields.

Time Warp Weekend • by David E. Baer — In May 2012, Youngstown, Ohio played host to a show of "retro" Ohio Central and Youngstown & Southeastern motive power.

The Fidalgo Local: A Skagit Staycation • by Jonathan Fischer — Along I-5 between Seattle and Vancouver, Skagit County offers convenient railfanning access in a pleasant and scenic location.

Pros at Work • by George Hamlin — March 1, 1999 provided a rare opportunity to observe and record equipment maintenance activity occurring on the right-of-way.


Opening Shot • by Steve Dixon

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Parting Shot • by Mitch Goldman