Railroads Illustrated March 2014

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Moving a Big Boy is a Big Job • by Craig Walker — When UP moved Big Boy 4014 out of Pomona, California, it had to do so via the busiest line on Metrolink.

Requiem of the Blue and Orange: Maryland Midland • by Jonathan Wright — MMID's signature paint scheme will soon give way to Genesee & Wyoming's orange, black and yellow colors.

Portfolio  — The photography of Mitch Goldman.

Old Friends • by George Pitarys — No matter how a unit may change through wear and tear or changing railroad ownership, sometimes you can always recognize a familiar "face."

Will a Hybrid Locomotive Charge Your Batteries • by Steve Faulkner — Following in the footsteps of the Toyota Prius, GE is developing energy efficient locomotive technology.


Opening Shot • by Jonathan Wright

CTC Board — Current news items.

Parting Shot • by David Schauer