Railroads Illustrated December 2014

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Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall • by John Leopard — A brief downpour blurred out the highlight of an otherwise bright chase of the KCS brachline run to Fort Smith, Arkansas.

High-Hood Happiness • by Eric Miller — Norfolk Southern's distinctive hi-hood diesels.

Winter in Alaska • by Frank Keller — Railroading on the Alaska Railroad.

Trains at Night • by William Gill — Railroads are a 24-hour operation, yet few photographers capture the drama of trains at night.

50 Years of Railfanning • by Mike Schafer — By way of marking such a significant milestone in his life, Mike Schafer, leader of Passenger Train Journal and associate editor of this publication, condensed 50 years of trackside experience from an encyclopedic tome into this enjoyable presentation.


Opening Shot • by Mike Schafer

Parting Shot • by Mike Schafer