HO Collector Second Quarter 2018

$ 8.99


An Introduction to Cox HO Trainsby Tony Cook — Introduced at the beginning of the 1970s, enjoy this overview of the popular train line from its origins to afterlife.

General Electric’s E60sby David Otte — Take a look at General Electric’s modern 1970s efforts at building electric locomotives, and the American GK and Bachmann models of the E60-series.

American GK and Archaeologyby Tony Cook — Remember American GK? Known for its pair of GE E60-series electric locomotive models, there’s more to discover about this short-lived hobby manufacturer.

Revisiting Craftsman Kitsby Joe Altnether — The author presents a brief history of Northeastern Scale Models, Ambroid, and Quality Craft Models kits, builds two examples for you, and provides a collector’s checklist for kits.



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