HO Collector Fourth Quarter 2018

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The Varney Aerotrainby Larry Gibbs — Sleek and modern, it was among Varney’s first plastic offerings in HO scale. Larry provides the story on General Motors’ Aerotrain, Varney’s model, and more.

TYCO Talgo Trainby Tony Lucio — Based on American Car & Foundry’s Talgo cars with a eye-catching, if fanciful, locomotive, Tony documents the 1950s Mantua-TYCO Talgo train.

Aristo-Craft Metal Steam Locomotivesby Tony Cook — By reader request, Tony presents a survey of Japanese-made metal steam locomotive models imported by Aristo-Craft in the early 1960s.

2-8-8-2 Mallet from AHM-Rivarossiby David Otte — David provides the story on the prototype and the model of HO’s first plastic, ready-to-run Mallet-type steam locomotive.

Southern Pacific Popsiclesby Tony Lucio — An experimental livery applied to a trio of U25B rebuilds enjoyed release in HO on a variety of diesel locomotive models. Tony shows you Southern Pacific Popsicles in HO.

Lionel HO for the Agesby Dr. Geoff Bunza — Dr. Bunza brings you an introduction to Lionel’s efforts in HO. With an emphasis on the company’s first period (1957 to 1966), you’ll get a primer on Lionel HO.



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