HO Collector First Quarter 2019

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The Little Engine That Could: HO’s Ubiquitous Dockside Switcherby David Otte — Owned and operated only by Baltimore & Ohio, this little 0-4-0 steam locomotive saw inclusion in a variety of hobby lines over the years. This article takes us through the history of the Dockside.

Trains That Never Arrived: American GKby Tony Cook — A new series for HO Collector debuts with co-editor this look at the 1970s collection of announced (and some unannounced) products from American GK.

C-Liners from A to Z: The Rivarossi Eraby Tony Lucio — By reader request, we've gone back to the introduction of the long-serving C-Liner diesel locomotive models. This first installment covers the 1950s for Rivarossi and Lionel offerings.

Going in Circles: Things We Never Keptby Tony Cook — It’s not just about model trains… it’s also about literature, fine art, and more. Join us for a brief primer on non-model collectables that will enhance your enjoyment of the hobby.



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