HO Collector Third Quarter 2019

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Miniature Motive Power – Maximum Mystery: TYCO’S Alco Super 630by Tony Lucio — Take a look at a collector favorite with Co-Editor Tony Lucio’s examination of TYCO’s Alco C-630 introduced in the early 1970s. Loaded with variations, this big six-axle diesel is a collector’s dream.

Alco Diesel Timelineby Tony Cook — How many plastic models have there been for Alco diesel prototypes? Co-Editor Tony Cook takes the reader through many decades and many models for this survey of HO Alco diesels.

Classic Steam: 4-8-2 Mountain from Pemco and IHCby David Otte — David Otte returns with another intriguing and important HO-scale steam locomotive model with Pemco’s Alco 4-8-2 Mountain. You’ll see what was originally offered by Pemco and the many variations and revisions for this tooling as it moved to IHC Hobby’s line.

Alco C-420: Two Waysby Tony Cook — A unique pair of Alco diesel models in HO came from Lima in Italy. Originally aimed at the “train set” market of the hobby, Lima’s C-420 received a makeover and returned in the late 1980s aimed at the more serious hobbyist. You’ll fi nd out about these two C-420s in Co-Editor’s Tony Cook’s look at this interesting model and its numerous releases.



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