HO Collector First Quarter 2020

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Unpacking the Pemco Railway Systemby Tony Lucio — Co-Editor Tony Lucio shares his research into the development and marketing of the Pemco and Aurora model train lines from 1980.

Pemco’s One and Only Catalogby Tony Cook — Collecting catalogs and related promotional literature is an equally important and enjoyable aspect of collecting model trains. Co-Editor Tony Cook shares Pemco’s 1980 catalog.

Classic Steam: Reading’s I10sa-class 2-8-0 Consolidation from Bachmannby David Otte — Serving in Bachmann’s line from the mid-1970s into the early 1990s, this reproduction of a Reading prototype is an intriguing release. David Otte examines the model, its many incarnations, and the prototype.

Tenshodo Geepsby Tony Cook — One of the first HO-scale Geeps came from Japanese brass maker Tenshodo and sold in Pacific Fast Mail’s catalog. Co-Editor Tony Cook shares a Great Northern GP9 example.

A Step in the Right Direction: Front Range Products’ Geepby Tony Cook — Enjoy a look at the late 1980s Front Range efforts to reproduce a high-quality example of GP7 and GP9 diesel locomotives in HO scale. Co-Editor Tony Cook presents these now-classic models.



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