HO Collector Second Quarter 2020

$ 8.99


HO Scale in the Revell Eraby Tony Cook — Setting the scene for this special edition of HO Collector comes with a look at the hobby and especially HO scale as it was from the mid-1950s into the early 1960s.

Clear the Tracks for Revellby Tony Cook — An introduction and overview history of the well-known plastic kit maker’s entry in the world of HO-scale model trains. The line saw production from 1956 through 1962, and this look presents the basics on Revell’s line with loads of colorful illustrations and model pictures.

Revell Checklist — Based on several sources, this two-page collector’s checklist presents the known road names for Revell’s HO-scale collection of motive power and rolling stock.

Revell’s Marketing Prowessby Tony Cook — One of the more appealing aspects of Revell’s run at HO was the company’s excellent promotional efforts.

Collecting Burlington Northern’s First Decadeby Tony Cook — This year marks the 50th anniversary of Burlington Northern’s creation from a collection of four railroads known as the “Hills Lines.” See classic 1970s examples that were the first offerings on the market decorated for Burlington Northern.



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