HO Collector Third Quarter 2020


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Bombastic Behemoths: The Infamous 62-foot Triple-Dome Tank Car by Tony Lucio — Introduced in the 1970s, TYCO’s 62-foot triple-dome tank car is a curious addition to the company’s catalog. The model’s history and its several copies are presented by Tony Lucio.

The First and the Famous: HO’s Operating Hoppersby Tony Lucio — One of HO’s all-time popular action accessories was adding an operating hopper spur to one’s pike. Co-editor Tony Lucio presents the classics in this category.

HO’s Yugoslavia Connectionby Tony Cook — An introduction and overview of Mehanotehnika (later Mehano) and its prolific production of model trains produced in Eastern Europe and exported around the world by Tony Cook.

Going in Circlesby Tony Cook — Co-editor Tony Cook shares the big, small, and surprising things to watch for when collecting catalogs.



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