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Model Railroad News August 2012

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Special Interest:

  • Bay Area Protoype Modelers 2012 Meet
  • Discover

N-Scale Reviews:

  • BLI: Santa Fe E6A & B Set
  • BLMA: ACI Plates
  • Fresh from the Paint Shop  — Kato: 40th Anniversary Amtrak Locomotive
  • Walthers: 130-foot Motorized Turntable

HO-Scale Reviews:

  • Con-Cor: Pennsylvania "MU" MP54 Cars
  • Fresh from the Paint Shop  — Atlas: High Hood SD35
  • Fresh from the Paint Shop  — Walthers: GP9m Diesels
  • Atlas: 85-foot Trash Container Flat
  • Rapido: UA TurboTrain
  • Kato: SD9043MAC - Canadian Pacific
  • Walthers: 40-foot UTLX 16,000 Gallon Funnel-Flow Tank Car
  • Walthers: Vic's Barbershop kit

Book/DVD Reviews:

  • Morning Sun: New York City Electrified Railroads book
  • South Platte Press: Union Pacific's Topeka Rails book
  • Wilthers Publishing : Diesels of the Reading Company book
  • Diverging Clear Productions: Illinois Central Gulf DVD

Columns & Departments:

  • Dealer Directory
  • Classified Ads
  • Events & Activities
  • MRN: A Year in Review
  • Advertising Index