Model Railroad News September 2019

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HO-Scale Reviews

  • Rapido Trains Santa Fe Budd RDCs
  • Walthers Mainline Extended-Vision Caboose

N-Scale Reviews

  • Athearn Bay Window Caboose
  • Bachmann Dash 8-40CW
  • Kato PA-1/PB-1

O-Scale Review

  • Atlas PS-1 50-foot Plug Door Boxcar

Prototype Profile & Model Survey

  • Santa Fe Cabooses

From the Archive

  • 1970’s Dueling Alco PAs

Book Review

  • South Platte Press: Ex-Santa Fe: The Story of a Prairie Regional Central Kansas Railway 1993–2001 book

Columns & Departments:

  • Advertising Index
  • Dealer Directory
  • Timetable