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Model Railroad News January 2022

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Product News

  • Locomotives & Rolling Stock
  • Vehicles & Loads
  • Structures, Scenery & more
  • Books, DVDs & more

HO-Scale Reviews

  • Basic Geep Gets Better
  • SP’s Unique Speed-Lettered Geep
  • Pinch-Hitter Passenger Power
  • Late Era Six-Axle Southern Pacific
  • Economical Delight
  • Bodacious B36-7

N-Scale Reviews

  • No Flare, But Welcome Anyway
  • ACF 2970s Rock and Roll in from Athearn
  • Pullman-Standard’s 5077

S-Scale Review

  • Workhorse Freight Car

Book Review

  • Become a Bridge Expert

From The Archive

  • The Underserved Southern Pacific

Columns & Departments:

  • Advertising Index
  • Dealer Directory
  • Editorial
  • RPO Car
  • Timetable