Model Railroad News November 2023


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HO-Scale Reviews

  • Lifesaver and Red Team GP40s Atlas Master Silver edition
  • Big Blue SD40 Broadway Limited Imports Stealth edition
  • Canadian Lumber Hauler Rapido Trains Marine Industries Bulkhead Flatcar
  • Second Freight Car Otter Valley Railroad FCA Bulkhead Flatcar
  • 1 of 100 Hoppers Tangent Scale Models Samuel Rea Shops Covered Hopper
  • Big Cupola from Angus Shops Rapido Trains Angus Shops Wide-Vision Caboose
  • Fintastic Imperial Oxford Diecast USA’s 1959 Imperial Crown

N-Scale Review

  • Big Norfolk & Western Steam Broadway Limited Imports Y6b Steam Locomotive

O-Scale Review

  • GP40 Joins Premier Line Atlas GP40 Diesel Locomotive
  • Narrow Gauge Waycar Returns Bachmann Spectrum Wood Side-Door Caboose

Book Review

  • Fans Not Shy About Shays White River Productions’ The Shay Locomotive: An Illustrated History

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    • Prototype Profile: General Electric C30-7 and C36-7
    • Timetable
    • From The Archive: HO’s Original GP40s
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