Narrow Gauge and Short Line Gazette March/April 2019

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Special Feature

Gn15 in a Spare Bedroomby Larry Gant — A tramway to the Black Hills.


Log Cars for My On3 San Juan Timber Companyby Charles Goodrich, MMR — Trial and – success.

The Buffalo Creek & Gauley’s Dundon shopsby Brooks Stover, MMR — Modeling a classic short line engine house in S scale.

The On30 Tidewater & Oak Grove Railroadby Tony Hannold — A retired railroader’s dream.

Over the Rio Grande Southern in Sn3: a photo tourby Dale Kreutzer, MMR — Part 3: Dolores to West Durango.

Quick Make Oversby F. John Labarba — Altering die cast model vehicles.

A (Very) Little Bit of Colorado in HOn30/HOn18by Scott Zieske — The fun started with $10.00 ….

The Mount Gretna Narrow Gauge Railwayby Bob Brown, MMR — Just a glimpse..

Layout Refinementsby Dr. Gregg Condon, MMR — Mudslide at Windy Point.

A Business Car for My On3 Colorado Central & Southernby Dan Windolph — Colorado & Southern business car B-3.

Building The Ophir Flumeby Craig Symington, MMR — Adding a bit of “spice”.

The Narrow Gauge Sceneby Charlie Getz — The golden age of narrow gauge – the best of times.


CRS Trust D&RG Stock Carsby Robert Stears

The J. S. Cain House, Bodie, Californiaby Neil A. Pfafman

Cornwall & Lebanon Railroad #12by David Fletcher

Virginia & Truckee Railroad Combination Car Numbers 15 & 16by Gary Caviglia


Robert’s Ramblingsby Bob Brown

Pigeon Hole — Letters to the editor.

In Brief — Small announcements, new items, and corrections.

New in Review — Model reviews.

Book & Magazine Reviews