Passenger Train Annual 2018

$ 24.95

For lovers of passenger rail transport, the 2018 Passenger Train Annual is not to be missed. This year’s edition brings you a colorful cross-section of passenger-train operations from the past and present.


Amtrak’s Southeastern DNAby Mike Schafer — An ancestral survey of long-distance trains.

New Trains of 1948 — A bumper crop of new and re-equipped postwar streamliners.

Incredible Journeyby Al Lill with David Walmsley — Creating the private car Pullman Spirit.

All Aboard 1968 — U.S. and Canadian passenger trains from 50 years ago.

The Trams of Hong Kongby Kevin J. Holland — A living link to the past in an ever-changing city.

Accidental Varnishby Carl Graves — Passenger trains in unexpected places.

The Centurys No Longer Pass in the Nightby Geoffrey H. Doughty — Recalling a 1969 trip on Penn Central.

96 pages