Passenger Train Journal Second Quarter 2008


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Kummant Speaks with PTJby Karl Zimmerman — Amtrak's president shares with readers his thoughts and visions of Amtrak and its future.

A PTJ Primerby PTJ Founder Kevin McKinney — The evolution of Passenger Train Journal in the midst of an industry of turmoil and change.

What Did We Learn from Turboby Kevin J. Holland — How United Aircraft's TurboTrain left its mark in North American passenger rail history.

Avante Garde in Melbourne, Australiaby Zane Katsikis — Melbourne's new Southern Cross Station defies conventional file box" wisdom.

Vermont's Rail Passenger Revivalby Kevin J. Holland — When PTJ was born in 1968, the Green Mountain Station was devoid of passenger trains; now, passenger trains abound, and more might be in the offing.

Passenger Train Revival in Northern Illinois?by Mike Schafer — PTJ gets a behind-the-scenes look at how heavily populated northern Illinois may get a new fleet of passenger trains.

Riding Alaska's Whittier Shuttleby Don Lewis — Overshadowed by its big sister, the Aurora, Alaska Railroad's Whittier Shuttle should not be overlooked.

Bonus: the PTJ Anniversary Index: Part 1


On the Pointby Mike Schafer

The Journalby George Fletcher

Window on the Worldby Kevin McKinney

North American Intercityby Karl Zimmerman

LeisureRailby Ted & Sylvia Blishak

Rush Hourby Michael Roberts

Mail, Express and L.C.L.


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