Passenger Train Journal First Quarter 2012


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Amtrak's Drew Galloway by Joseph M. Calisi — PTJ interviews the Assistant Vice President of Amtrak's Northeast Corridor Infrastructure and Investment Group.

The Maine Eastern Railroad by Karl Zimmermann — The Maine Eastern is more than a tourist railroad. It can be a means of getting to your destination.

The Cardinal: Room With a View by Elbert Simon — A dome car returns to one of Amtrak's most interesting long-distance trains, evoking the convoluted history of this descendant of Chesapeake & Ohio's esteemed George Washington.

The Cascades Corridor by C.B. Hall — A report on a U.S. rail passenger corridor that is working its way to HSR status through incremental growth.
Trip Report: An Amtrak Veteran Meets VIA •  by Malcolm Kenton — Comparing U.S. Amtrak corridor service with that of VIA.


On the Point  by Mike Schafer

The Journal  by George Fletcher

Window on the World by Kevin McKinney

North American Intercity  by Karl Zimmerman
Rush Hour •  by Brian Schmidt with Joseph M. Calisi

LeisureRail  by Ted & Sylvia Blishak

Going Faster by Ernest H. Robl

Capitol Unlimited by Robert J. Sterwart, NARP Chairman

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