Passenger Train Journal Second Quarter 2012


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Vermont Passenger Rail Keeps Rollingby C.B. Hall — For a little state that didn't have passenger trains when Amtrak began in 1971, Vermont now plays big in the rail passenger arena.

Dark Clouds Over Ontario Northlandby Douglas N.W. Smith — If you haven't ridden the Ontario Northland's Northlander between Toronto and Cochrane, Ontario, this ear may be your last chance.

Trailblazer: An L" of a Rush(ed) Hour Ride!by Bruce Stahl — A one-hour circle trip on Chicago's Loop "L" with stopovers.

A Tale of Two Talgosby Mike Schafer — Wisonsin's costly decision to save money by going all-highway may have orphaned two new trains built in Milwaukee.

Mixing Leisure and Businessby Ted Blishak — Even for important business involving the 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Secretary of the Navy chose trains over a private flight.

Inside Wilmington Shopsby Mark Florio, with Robert A. LaMay — A brief glimpse of the modern world of Amtrak locomotives behind brick walls built in 1903.


On the Pointby Mike Schafer

The Journalby George Fletcher

North American Intercityby Karl Zimmerman
Window on the World • by Kevin McKinney

Rush Hourby Brian Schmidt with Joseph M. Calisi

Going Fasterby Ernest H. Robl

Capitol Unlimitedby Ross Capon, NARP President and CEO

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