Passenger Train Journal Second Quarter 2019


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Norfolk Gets a Second Trainby Bill Schafer — Amtrak frequency between Washington and Norfolk gets doubled, and at the same time now provides thrice-daily service to the Hampton Roads region.

A Tale of Three Stationsby Karl Zimmermann — Stations along the Santa Fe trail see a revival. Columnist Karl checks out three of particular note.

An Alaskan Adventureby Frank Keller — Author Frank Keller returns with an update on what’s happening in Alaska for this coming travel season.

Passenger Trains of the Delaware & Hudsonby Elbert Simon — How a modest-size Northeastern carrier made a big splash with its passenger operations.

Trip Report: To Dallas on the Texas Eagleby Mike Schafer — Two White River staffers—one of them an Amtrak virgin—sample the Texas Eagle and Dallas’ fine transit system.

Trail Blazer: Take a Ride on the (Former) Readingby Steve Ferrell — Author Steve Ferrell goes trail-blazing again in metro Philadelphia, riding the suburban lines that formerly belonged to the Reading Company.


Capitol Unlimited • by Jim Matthews, NARP President & CEO

Mail, Express and L.C.L.

North American Intercity • by Karl Zimmerman

On the Point • by Mike Schafer

Rail Users Network • by Richard Rudolph, Ph.D, Chairman, Rail User’s Network

Rush Hour • by Kevin McKinney with Joseph M. Calisi

The Journal • by George Fletcher

The Potomac Pundit • by Don Phillips

Window on the World • by Kevin McKinney

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