Passenger Train Journal First Quarter 2013

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Amtrak Returns to Norfolk • by Elbert Simon — Virginia's Hampton Roads region gets another train, but on a new route.

Southwest Chief: It's the Money Not the Sentiments • by C.B. Hall — Might Amtrak's Chief switch to the San Fransisco Chief route of yore?

The Janus Season • by Karl Zimmermann — Looking back; looking forward. Six years of introspect.

Goodbye Ticket Punch; Hello Travel Document Scan • by Malcom Kenton — Amtrak implements eTicketing systemwide, bringing benefits as well as important policy changes.

Chicago–Springfield–St. Louis, Part 2 • by Kevin McKinney with Mike Schafer — The (long and slow) rebirth of a corridor.

Joliet Union Station • by Joe Petric — A 100-year-old depot rolls into its second century.


On the Point • by Mike Schafer

The Journal • by George Fletcher

Window on the World • by Kevin McKinney

North American Intercity • by Karl Zimmerman

LeisureRail • by Edy Henderson, guest columnist

Rush Hour • by Joseph M. Calisi

Going Faster • by Ernest H. Robl

Capitol Unlimited • by Robert J. Stewart, NARP Chairman

Mail, Express and L.C.L.