Railroads Illustrated Annual 2015

$ 24.95

Starting in 2015, Railroads Illustrated has transitioned from being a monthly magazine to an annual publication. This inaugural Railroads Illustrated Annual is 100 pages dedicated to creative railroad photography past and present.

Summer of ’57by Ron Flanary

Dispatcher’s Report • by Cinthia Priest

Romancing the Rathole • by Eric Miller

Early BNSF • by Steve Schmollinger

Independence Hill • by Robert Plough

Ontario’s F-Unit Revival • by Marcus W. Stevens

Seaboard System: Not a Temporary Railroad • by Ron Flanary

Portfolio: Raymond Lewis

CSX Peninsula Subdivision • by Raymond Lewis

Day in North America 2014 — A portrait of railroading from coast to coast, as recorded on October 18, 2014.

Buckeye State Tunnel Motors • by John Leopard