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Railroads Illustrated Annual 2018

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The all-new 2018 Railroads Illustrated Annual is 100 pages dedicated to creative railroad photography past and present, including...

Dispatcher’s Report • by David Blazejewski

Classic Departures — Portfolio selections from the archives of The Center for Railroad Photography & Art.

The Greatest Show on Rails • by Matt C. Batryn-Rodriguez

Not in My Backyard • by Craig Walker

Montana’s Magnificent Marias Pass • by Justin Franz

Friday Nights on the South Shore • by Mike Raia

Trillium Railway • by Stephen Host

Cajon Pass: From Electro 35 to T6 • by Steve Jessup

The Little Train That Could: Amtrak’s Cardinal through the Virginias • by Eric Miller

Hancock to Cumberland on the Old Main Line • by Stan Trzoniec

Day In North America 2018 — Railroading from Coast to Coast, April 7, 2018