Railfan & Railroad May 2017

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Thirty Years in Jersey • by Steve Barry — The Winchester & Western’s New Jersey Division has been serving local customers on South Jersey branch lines since the 1980s.

Rule G Slashers • by Olev Taremae — The beer, wine, and liquor industries provide colorful sources of traffic and rolling stock for our nation’s railroads.

Napa Valley Railroad • by Adam Pizante — Thirty years ago, a lowly Southern Pacific branchline was reborn as one of the premiere wine and dinner train experiences in the country.

Rails and Ales • by Alexander D. Mitchell IV — With craft brewing expanding across the country, we explore a few railroad stations and roundhouses that have found new lives as popular brewpubs.

Pennsylvania’s North Shore • by Michael T. Burkhart — End-cab switchers on former Lackawanna tracks roll along the Susquehanna River through the beautiful Keystone State countryside.