Railfan & Railroad July 2018


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Rails Around Richmond • by Justin Ross — Virginia’s state capital is home to busy CSX and Norfolk Southern lines, with a splash of Amtrak service thrown in for good measure. The city and its railroads are defined by the James River, resulting in soaring concrete arch bridges and rugged steel viaducts. From skylines to shorelines, from the air or on the ground, there’s no shortage of great locations.

Twilight for Toasters • by Michael T. Burkhart — America’s last active fleet of of AEM-7 electric locomotives winds down their final miles in Philadelphia suburban service.

Tennessee Rocks! • by Garland McKee — Tall bridges and a fleet of attractive General Electric B-boats are the attraction on this scenic former Tennessee Central route.

Duluth Steam Revival • by Jeff Terry — Four generations of railroaders unknowingly ensured the survival and eventual restoration of Duluth & Northeastern No. 28.

Winds of Change on the Union Railroad • by David Baer — The history of the Union Railroad has been tied to Pittsburgh’s steel industry for generations. What changes lie ahead?

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