Railfan & Railroad October 2020

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Portfolio: Footprints in the Windby Ken Karlewicz — What is it like to rediscover a passion for railroad photography after an absence of nearly 25 years?

Later, Gatorby Gordon Lloyd Jr. — Alco’s entry into the horsepower wars included beefy six-axle RSD-12 and RSD-15 road switchers. Where are they now?

Alco Inspirationby Ron Flanary — A Louisville & Nashville RS-3 captured at speed was inspired by the exciting pan photography of J. Parker Lamb.

Enlisted Alco: The MRS-1by R. Craig Rutherford — Designed for wartime use overseas, these unique Alco units saw the majority of their service during domestic peacetime.

Elderberry Memoriesby David Baer — This short-lived Alco-powered tourist operation ran out of 64 Carrollton, Ohio, from 1997 through 2003.


Departures/commentary: Alexander Benjamin Craghead

High Iron/railroaders share their stories: Doug Jolley

LocoNotes/diesel spotters: Kenneth M. Ardinger

Markers/additional thoughts from your editors

On The Menu/railroad dining, art, and culture: James D. Porterfield

Parting Shot/Tim Stockwell

Preservation Topics/this stuff is old, man: Justin Franz

Railnews/top news stories and photos from our readers

Railroadiana/new product, book, and video reviews

Through My Lens/trackside memories: Kevin EuDaly

Transit Currents/transit news: Bob Gallegos