Railfan & Railroad April 2021


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Southern Pacific’s Sprint to the Finishby Steve Jessup — With the Southern Pacific era coming to a close as the Union Pacific merger loomed on the horizon in the mid-1990s, real main line action could be found on the Sunset Route in Arizona.

Portfolioby Frank Keller — From Colorado to Alaska (with stops in between), Frank Keller has captured the stark beauty of railroading in the mountains.

Claymont Steelby Michael T. Burkhart — With the former steel mill site set for redevelopment, another piece of Delaware’s industrial history fades away.

The Griffins Lineby Adam Twombly — This former New Haven branch line twists through the back streets and suburbs of Hartford, Connecticut.

Sandaoling Steam Finaleby Matthew Watson — Steam makes its last stand at the Sandaoling coal mine where beefy 2-8-2s with familiar American lines serve out their days.

Reflections of the Credit Valleyby Stephen Host — Without political support from the town, the scenic 60 Orangeville-Brampton Railway reaches the end of the line.


Camera Bag/tips and techniques: Justin Franz

Departures/commentary: Alexander Benjamin Craghead

LocoNotes/diesel spotters: Kenneth M. Ardinger

Markers/additional thoughts from your editors

Parting Shot/photographer

Preservation Topics/this stuff is old, man: Otto M. Vondrak

Railnews/top news stories and photos from our readers

Railroadiana/new product, book, and video reviews

Through My Lens/trackside memories: Kevin EuDaly

Transit Currents/transit news: Bob Gallegos

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