Railroad Model Craftsman July-Oct 2014


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Special Features:

Perspective: The bricks have itby Charles Monte Verde — The former DL&W railroad station in Mt. Morris, N.Y., has stood for more than 100 years, and in that time, more than a few people have carved their names or initials into the bricks as they have passed by.

Litchfield Train Groupby Lonnie Bathurst — Set in the Midwest, this large HO-scale, diesel-era layout was designed to be shared with visitors and is often open for public viewing.


From parlor car to coach: The B&O A-21 coachby Louis Gomes — A Walthers parlor car was the starting point for this kitbashed model of a coach, which the B&O had converted from a parlor car.

RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award: Modeling a Penn Central U25Bby Dennis Eggert — This HO-scale kitbash combines Stewart and Atlas components to produce a great model of a 1960s diesel.

Temporary sceneryby Jim Martin — An unfinished module or layout scene doesn't have to stick out like a sore thumb.

Modeling back stairsby Richard E. Bradley — An often overlooked detail on model structures, back stairs are too common to ignore.

Modeling a transit mixerby Montford Switzer — Whether it's out on the highway, at a construction site, or parked at a trackside ready-mix concrete plant, these trucks can make a nice addition to a layout.

Improving electrical pickup on a model steam engineby Bernd Fanghanel — Adding additional electrical pickups can improve a locomotive's performance.

Scratchbuilder's Corner: Notes for new scratchbuildersby Bob Walker — Scratchbuilding need not be a complicated affair, as this small wood structure illustrates.


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