Railroad Model Craftsman June 2015

$ 5.95



Using Craft Paint • by Gregory M. Larocca — Formulating craft paint for a Polly Scale replacement.

Edaville Water Tank • by Bob Bennett — Scratchbuild a unique water tower from plans in the September 1968 Craftsman.

Youngstown & Southern • by Paul Lally — Visit the Youngstown & Southern, a beautifully scenicked O scale reproduction of the little railroad that did.

Greensburg, PA RPM • by Bill Schaumburg — RMC Explores: The Railroad Prototype Modelers Meet.

Temporary Structures • by Joseph Kreiss — Designing, printing and building place-holder structures for your railroad.

Recycling Decoders • by Jack Varadi — Reusing older decoders to animate your model railroad.

Shadowline Decal Design • by Nelson Moyer, MMR — Designing and printing your own shadowline decals for passenger cars.

Buffalo Bill Advance Cars • by Don Ball — Researching, building and decaling colorful late 1800s passenger cars.


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