Railroad Model Craftsman January 2016

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Union Pacific U30C • by Harry K. Wong — Improving the HO-scale Atlas GE U30C with updated details and LED lighting.

Railroad Signals • by Bruce Chubb, MMR — Railroad signal practices and their model railroad application, Part 2.

Yuma Gas Station • by Nicholas S. Muff — A look at pre-fab metal gas station design.

Elevator Transfer Table • by Joseph Kreiss — A look at a space-saving industry transfer table.

GN Early 50-foot Boxcar • by James Kinkaid — Images and drawings of Great Northern’s rebuilt woodside cars.

Laser Cutter • by George Riley — Laser cutting is easier than you might think.


Editor's Notebookby Stephen Priest

Receiving Yard

Rail Books • Book news and reviews

RMC Timetable • Scheduled events and notices

RMC Perspectiveby Hunter Hughson

Look Both Waysby Mike Schafer & Bill Navigato

Scratchbuilder's Workshop • by Bob Walker

Test Track • by Tony Cook — Product reviews

RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award • by Don Janes

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