Railroad Model Craftsman September 2018

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Drawbridge • by Thomas Oxnard, MD, MMR — Build an iconic drawbridge with Central Valley parts.

D&RGW Pueblo Division • by Thomas Johnson — Recreating the past through a model railroad layout.

Hydrocal Scratchbuilding • by Lorne Munro — Building a structure from hydrocal plaster.

Rock Island GP7s • by Jeff Carlson — Modernizing factory-painted geeps for the 1970s.

Trolley Passenger Shelter • by Harold Russell — Drawings and history of preserved passenger shelter.


Editor's Notebookby Stephen Priest

Look Both Waysby Mike Schafer & Bill Navigato


Rail Books • Book news and reviews

Receiving Yard

RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award • by Jim Providenza

RMC Perspectiveby Steve Jessup

RMC Timetable • Scheduled events and notices

Scratchbuilder's Workshop • by Bob Walker

Test Track • by David Otte — Rapido: New Haven parlor cars

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