Railroad Model Craftsman December 2019

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Kitbash a Canadian SWEEPby Andrew Castle — Modeling a real-life kitbash created by Canadian National merging the frame and cab of an SW1200 with the long hood of a Geep.

Shipping Butane by Railby Clifton Linton — No room for a refinery? It wouldn’t take much to add this modern commodity to your model railroad operations.

ACL 40-foot Roof Hatch Boxcarsby James Kinkaid — Pullman-Standard built a fleet of cars for Atlantic Coast Line with outside post construction and rooftop loading hatches.

Guild’s Lake Industrial Parkby Alexander B. Craghead — This urban switching district in Portland, Oregon, is the inspiration for a compact model railroad that fits any era.

BNSF Railway Kootenai River Subby Dan Munson — Dave Waraxa’s freelanced HO scale model railroad is based on the BNSF route between Spokane, Wash., and Sandpoint, Idaho.


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