Railroad Model Craftsman February 2023


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Maximum Operating in Limited Spaceby Steve C. Bradley — A compact switching layout inspired by mid-century small-town Ontario.

Kitbashing Netcong Freight Houseby William E. Botkin — Kitbashing a Lackawanna freight house from an Atlas laser-cut structure kit in HO.

Kaolin Clay PS-2 Covered Hopperby James Kinkaid — Pullman-Standard produced this series of PS-2 covered hoppers for kaolin clay service.

Build a Realistic Photo Dioramaby Scott Sanders — Building a photo diorama is a great excuse to get those models off the shelf.

Updating a Brass Whitcomb 44-tonnerby Steve Hil and Pete Hall — Steps to improve operations and update details on an old brass diesel.

Why Freelance?by Tyler Whitcomb — Creating a plausible railroad like the N scale Tenino Western has its own challenges.

Utility Cart for Operatorsby Randy Watts — This roll-around cart provides a handy writing surface and helps reduce clutter.


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Diverging Pointsby Jason Shron

Editor's Notebookby Otto M. Vondrak

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Perspectiveby Andrew Castle

Rail Books • Book news and reviews

Receiving Yard

Safety Valve

Test Track • by Harry K. Wong Atlas Master Line General Electric U36B product review

Test Trackby Harry K. Wong — Rapido Trains GMDD F40PH-2D product review

Test Trackby Harry K. Wong — Athearn PS-2CD 4427 “High-Side” Covered Hopper product review

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