Railroad Model Craftsman July 2023


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Michigan Interstate Railroadby Dan Munson — Greg McComas' HO scale layout delivers immersive operations in a limited space.

Union Tank Line X-3 Tank Carsby Steven Hile — An overview of early X-3 tank cars, including scale drawings by James Kinkaid.

Co-op Feed Elevator Kitbash in HOby Tom Johnson — Transforming common structure kits into a unique agricultural trackside industry.

Kitbash a Rio Grande Steam Generatorby Luke Lemmens — A Proto2000 Alco PA B-unit is the base for a kitbashed steam generator car in HO.

Recessed, Light-up Turnout Controlsby Jim Heidt — Bi-color LEDs housed in up-cycled lipstick tubes for easy turnout control during nighttime ops.

Model a Modern CN Transfer “Van” by Will Lawrence — Updating a resin craftsman kit to represent a modern Canadian National caboose.

Tauern Railway Tunnel Portalby Ross Pollard — Expert techniques to cast and carve plaster to make a unique masonry tunnel portal.


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Test Track • by George Riley — Broadway Limited Paragon4 Hybrid Texas & Pacific I-1a 2-10-4 product review

Test Track • by Harry K. Wong — Tangent Scale Models General American 4500cf Covered Hopper product review

Test Track • by George Riley — Bollinger Edgerly Scale Trains Miners Union Hall Kitproduct review

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